Roy McPartlandEmpathy Advantage with Roy McPartland

Psychotherapy and counselling in Nottingham

A greater awareness of your needs and of the people in your life can potentially improve your personal and work experiences. That’s the Empathy Advantage

What is Psychotherapy or Counselling about?

Sometimes problems can be external and come from what happens in life, or in contact with other people

Sometimes problems can be internal and come from within ourselves. It’s how we feel about ourselves, how we see ourselves and what we believe about ourselves

Often these problems are linked and cause emotional pain and confusion

This video shows the experiences of people who have been to therapy

Counselling can help to identify alternative options and how to make behavioural changes. This can lead to some resolution and can help us to find our way through life again

Psychotherapy can help us to discover our way back to ourselves and to re-connect with the vital and authentic parts of ourselves that we can, over a number of years, and in a variety of ways come to deny or suppress. This can often be traced back to our earlier developmental years

Denying or suppressing parts of ourselves is, I believe, what often contributes to anxiety/depression, addiction, self-esteem problems, shame, and many other issues

Psychotherapy is a process of coming to understand these reactions not as defects in ourselves, but as creative adjustments that we made at times when, perhaps, we had limited inner resources available to us. Psychotherapy leads to an increase in self awareness. One becomes more aware of the significance of their relationship with the therapist as it develops over time, and can then use this awareness to help them make changes

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